Top 5 Reasons People Move to an Over 50’s Lifestyle Village Or Resort.

So, you’ve reached retirement and are starting to enjoy the extra freedom. You’re catching up with friends and taking those bucket list trips you never had time for previously. Or maybe you’re not? For many retirees, leaving the workplace behind that they’ve dedicated a large chunk of their life to, can leave a gaping hole.

It can be hard to rediscover yourself, make new friends and find things to fill your time with. This is where a vibrant, friendly, lifestyle village might be just what you’re looking for. Take a look at the top reasons people move to a lifestyle village to see if it might be right for you.

Safety and Security

After retirement, many seniors can become isolated which can also lead to safety concerns. If new people move in next door, or break-ins happen in your neighbourhood, this can cause stress and anxiety. lifestyle villages and resorts are often gated communities with cameras and security guards on patrol. Plus, you’ll get to know your retiree neighbours and be able to keep an eye out for each other on a day to day basis.

Current and Future Care Needs

As age creeps in, you might start to notice changes in mobility and overall health. And while many seniors manage to care for themselves well into the later years, over time, you may need support with daily tasks. Living in a lifestyle village means you have access to professionals who can get you the help you need quickly, when you need it. And, family members can rest easy knowing you’re looked after when they’re not around.

Caring and Supportive Community

One reason that seniors can decline quickly is when they’re isolated after the passing of their partner. Staying in a family home after this happens can cause mental health to decline. By moving into a lifestyle village or resort, you can make new friends who care and support each other. Living around others who are going through the same stage of life, can be invigorating and will remove those feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Plenty of Fun Activities

While you’ll want to relax in retirement, it also pays to stay active and to fill your time with fun activities. Lifestyle villages and communities offer a range of amenities for you to join in with, including:

  • - Library
  • - Gymnasium
  • - Activity centre
  • - Picnic and BBQ areas
  • - Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • - RV/caravan parking

Plus, you can choose a resort that suits your lifestyle. You can opt to be by the beach for walks on the coast, or to be near main cities so you can enjoy shopping at local markets and visiting bars and restaurants.

Low Maintenance Living

Another reason people move to lifestyle villages is to live a low maintenance lifestyle. No longer will you have to maintain a home or look after a garden which can be extremely time consuming and exhausting. And, you won’t have to worry about home repairs. Many retirees find themselves in a large family home after the kids have left, that can be hard to manage as they age. By moving into a retiree resort, you can downsize and enjoy living in an apartment that suits your new stage of life.


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