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Front Facade (N.T.S.)

Barramundi - Site 187

Internal 115.9 m²
External 40.6 m²
Total 156.5 m²


$630,000 - $650, 000

122 Front (N.T.S.)

Bluefin - Site 66

Internal 112.1 m²
External 41 m²
Total 153.1 m²


$615,000 - $620,000

Front Facade (N.T.S.)

Swordfish - Site 96

Internal 118 m²
External 71 m²
Total 189 m²

Front Facade (N.T.S.)

Clovelly - Site 168

Internal 103 m²
External 62 m²
Total 165 m²

Luxurious Carefree Living

Exclusive Benefits

No entry or exit feesNo council feesNo deferred feesNo refurbishment or establishment fees
No stamp duty on your purchaseKeep all profits when you sellPay a small weekly site fee that could be offset by government rent assistance (please check for eligibility)Only pay for individual metred usage of utilities

Elevate the best years of your life

Enjoy our offering of luxurious and unforgettable benefits


Resort Living

Downsize from your family home to Riverbend and upsize your life. While our home are modern and luxurious, it's likely that after selling your current home and buying your new Riverbend residence, you'll be left with cash in the bank. Spend it as you choose! Buy the RV you've always wanted. Book that long awaited overseas holiday. Invest in a boat. Live as you've always longed to live, with the safety, security, and certainty you deserve.

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