A Guide to Retirement Living: 7 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Over 50’s Community

Choosing where to live in retirement is a huge decision. If you’re with a partner, you may want to stay in your current property as long as possible. But, if you’re on your own, there are a few great options where you can enjoy new connections and live a carefree lifestyle with all you need nearby.

Over 50 lifestyle villages and over 50 lifestyle resorts are two such options. These can be found in various locations around Australia near to stunning beaches and lush greenery, but with the security of an over 50’s community around you, secure entry gates and cameras. Here are a few tips to find your ideal over 50’s lifestyle community.

Create a Retirement Lifestyle Wish List

What things are important to you in retirement? For example, do you want to live near your family? Do you dream of being near the sea or taking long walks in the countryside? Or do you want to learn a new skill and take up a new hobby? Write a list of your ‘must-haves’ for your retirement living and this will help to narrow down the options.

Discuss Your Options with Family and Friends

Take the time to discuss your retirement options with family and friends. Where you decide to move after 50 is a big decision and close family and friends can help shoulder the decision making strain. Plus, some of your retired friends may have already made their move and have some great tips for you.

Consider the Costs of Retirement Living

Once you’ve retire from full-time work, your finances will change. Will you be living on a pension and do you have any other savings to help with monthly costs? Your finances will make an impact on where you decide to retire. Have a think whether downsizing is a better option and research which over 50’s community suits your budget.

Explore Different Retirement Living Options

Have a think about what sort of retirement living suits you as an individual. An over 50 lifestyle village may be a little smaller and an over 50 lifestyle resort may come with a few more luxurious amenities. Decide what’s most important to you and this will help you to pick the best retirement home option.

Research the Retirement Community Security Levels

When deciding where to retire, consider the level of security you’re comfortable with. An over 50 lifestyle village or resort comes with gates and security cameras that’ll make you feel secure. Or, if you decide on a small home in the suburbs, will you feel safe enough? Retirement communities are a great option if you worry about safety, as everyone generally looks out for each other.

What Recreational Activities Are Important to You?

In retirement, you’ll have more free time to pursue hobbies, social events and exercise options that you didn’t have time for while working. For example, do you love playing tennis and want to play a few games each day? Or, do you want to swim in the sea every morning? Take the time to research the amenities and resources nearby in any retirement community you look at.

Choose a Home Design that Fits Your Intended Lifestyle

Another thing to think about is what home design will suit your retirement lifestyle. For example, do you need spare rooms so your family can stay? Do you want a big garden for your beloved dogs or other pets? Do you need space for a new hobby you’ve taken up? It’s important to find a retirement home design that’s going to fit your new life after 50.

Investigate Your Retirement Living Options with Riverbend

Contact us for more information on over 50 lifestyle villages and over 50 lifestyle resorts. We’re happy to discuss your options and help you make the best decision for your requirements.

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