5 Tips to Stay Independent and Healthy in Retirement

While retirement is a time to wind down and have more time to enjoy yourself, it’s also important to stay active and keep healthy, so you can maintain your independence. Luckily, in over 50s lifestyle villages and resorts, there are plenty of amenities and activities to keep your mind and body engaged.

Whether you’re an avid a sports enthusiast or you like to keep the mind healthy attending social events, there’s something for everyone in retirement communities which we’ll talk about today. Read on to learn about the best ideas to help you stay healthy and independent during retirement.

Keep Moving with Regular Exercise

One of the best ways to stay independent after retirement is to stay active. Engaging in regular physical activity will keep the body strong and mental health in check. Most retirement communities have group classes such as yoga or Tai Chi that cater to different fitness levels. If you’re not a fan of classes, you could hit the gym to strengthen the body with weights and go on walks around the local area. Or challenge a pal to a game of tennis or round of golf, to keep those energy levels up!

Engage in Community Activities

Maintaining a social life is one of the best ways to keep positive and is crucial for well-being. Participate in community events such as movie nights, dinners, live entertainment or days out shopping. Build friendships with other residents and keep an eye out for each other. By talking to others and sharing life stories, this will help to enhance your sense of belonging and increase mental wellbeing.

Explore the Different On-Site Facilities

Over 50s lifestyle villages and resorts are filled with great amenities and facilities. Enjoy swimming, fitness classes, bowls, landscaped gardens, walks by the sea and more. Or maybe there’s a hobby you didn’t have time for before retirement and now you can pursue it today.

Many retirement communities hold weekly clubs or groups where you can enjoy knitting, painting, baking or something new. Groups are a great way to boost your sense of community and keep the brain engaged learning something new.

Volunteer in the Local Community

By joining a local volunteer group, you’ll not only enhance your own mental wellbeing, but you’ll be actively helping others improve theirs. Over the years, it’s likely you’ve built up a wealth of experience and knowledge that you could use to help other people. Ask around your retirement village to see if they need an extra pair of hands. Alternatively, explore various volunteer opportunities in the wider community through local volunteer agencies.

Maintain a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Making sure you’re hydrated and are eating a nutritious diet can have a huge impact on how healthy and independent you are after retirement. Adopt portion control, reduce sugar intake and add lots of fruit, veggies and lean protein to your daily meals.

And, another thing to think about is the nutrients you may be deficient in as you age, that can lead to a reduction in bone density. Consider adding supplements to your daily routine such as calcium, iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12, but always talk to your doctor first, to ensure these are right for you.

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