5 Tips for Making Friends After Retirement

Have you got to retirement after working hard all your life and wondered what happened to your friendship groups? Work, kids and navigating life’s stresses can take up a lot of time and can often mean friendships dwindle. Or sometimes, people just move on and you start to live a totally different life to friends you had in younger years.

Either way, retirement is a time to focus on you and can be the ideal stage of life to rekindle old friendships now you have more time, or push yourself out there and find new friends. While the thought of getting on the social circuit again can feel daunting, it’s incredibly beneficial for the mental and physical health. Take a look at these tips to make and nurture new friendships in retirement.

Find a New Club, Group or Hobby

What do you love doing that maybe you had no time for before retirement? There are plenty of clubs or groups to join and you’re likely to make friends who have similar interests to you. A few ideas include a chess group, swimming club, a hiking group, book chat and swop or even just a coffee morning. Meeting people who share the same passions helps to create a strong connection.

Volunteer with a Local Organistaion

Volunteering is not only a great way to give back and help others, it’s also a top place to socialise and build new friendships. There’s bound to be opportunities in your area and volunteer organisations are always in need of a new pair of hands. Ask around and look online to see if any local volunteer opportunities come up.

Participate in Community Events

Community events are an excellent way to get involved and meet new people. If you live in an over 50s lifestyle village or resort, it’s likely there will be community events on the agenda and these are ideal places for you to get to know other residents. Community events you might see include, a movie showing, a bingo night or maybe even a talk about the local area.


Reconnect with Old Friends

Now you have more time in retirement you can explore those lost friendships. It can be hard sending the first message, or making that first phone call, but most people will be glad you made the effort. Ask your old friend out for a coffee to have a chat about old times and you’re sure to brighten their day!

Spend Time in Your Retirement Village Common Areas

After making the move to an overs 50s lifestyle resort or village it can take some time to make those initial connections. But, be rest assured that everyone is in the same boat when they first arrive. Push yourself to get out and spend time in common areas such as the gardens, coffee shop, fitness centre, the swimming pool and any other shared spaces. The more you show up, opportunities for small talk and interaction will happen naturally.


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