Practical Details


With onsite storage for vans and boats available, many residents see Riverbend Ballina as a base from which to travel and explore.

Others see it as an opportunity to ‘downsize’ but still own their own home. A self contained house with a garden rather than a unit, to enjoy the relaxed and carefree lifestyle they’ve worked hard for.

Selling your home

Once the decision to move to Riverbend is made our sales consultant will help you to select the perfect site for you.

When you’ve chosen a site, a $2,000 deposit can be taken to hold the site for you for up to 3 months. Once the site is secured with a deposit you proceed to sell your existing property.

While selling, we suggest you select your new home plan and meeting our home design consultant, who will assist in making any adjustments needed to your chosen home design.

Once the plan has been modified to your satisfaction the next step is to select the colours for your new home. We recommend that you set aside a day to complete this process as it does take a while and you don’t want to feel rushed or pressured because of time constraints. These are important decisions

In this way, all the paperwork is complete before the sale of your existing property and once you have a sale, we are able to start building your new home at Riverbend without delay. Let us help you through the preparation which will ensure a smooth and efficient transition into Riverbend

Preloved Homes

A number of preloved homes are available, check out our Pre-Loved Homes page. Full details and inspections can be arranged at our sales office during business hours.


Riverbend Ballina provides all home purchasers with documentation as required by the NSW Department of Fair Trading Residential Park Living; including Questions and Answers, a copy of the Park Rules, a personal copy of your completed lease and a copy of your contract.


All costs relating to your relocation into your new home at Riverbend Ballina is at your expense. There are a range of storage and transport options in the local area. Please contact us should you need help with this.

As is always the case, furniture and personal goods may not be placed in the home until settlement date when final payment is received and the keys to the property handed over.

Rent Assistance

Centrelink customers who buy a manufactured home and live at Riverbend are assessed by the Federal Government as homeowners. Rent Assistance is payable on the Riverbend site fee (or “rent”) provided the resident is entitled to Rent Assistance.

For further details in regard to your particular circumstances, contact Centrelink direct on 13 23 00 or look on the webpage at

Enquiries for Veteran Affairs, phone 13 32 54 or webpage


It is a requirement for any home village that your home always have current building and contents Insurance. A copy of the current insurance policies will be required with your final payment for your home. We recommend that you insure your home when you complete your final inspection, approximately five (5) working days prior to handover.

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